1) The camping can be accessed by people of all nationalities showing an identity document as required by the Italian Public Security Authorities and submitting it for registration.

2) Staying at the camping implies the respect of these rules. It is mandatory to abide by the indications written on signs.

3) The administration is entitled to remove a tent or any other temporary accommodation means in case whatever necessity arises.

4) Every camper, before the stay starts, is asked to read about the rates published at "La Masseria" Holiday Center.

5) Children must at all times be supervised by their caretakers so that they do not annoy the other guests.

6) Small/medium-size pets are welcome (1 per pitch).

7) Vaccinated dogs must be kept on their leash with muzzle, and do not have to annoy other dogs, get on buses/shuttles to Gallipoli. The owners must periodically take them to dedicated areas to avoid that they will  dirty the sections populated by guests.

8) The vehicle must be perfectly stopped, the owner is required to adopt all necessary measures to avoid damages to people and third party’s items; the vehicle is allowed to enter the premises only and exclusively after the arrival and departure time to load and unload luggage; during the stay, the vehicle shall be parked in the dedicated parking area.

9) Radios will be tolerated provided that volume is kept low and does not annoy the other guests.

10) To guarantee everyone’s privacy, this place is characterized by: POLITENESS - RESPECT - COMPOSURE - MORALITY.

11) People caught in state of drunkenness or in other inappropriate behaviors creating any form of damage or violating the provisions set out by the Administration will be immediately expelled from the center. Those who will mistreat our service personnel will equally be sent away; any complaint shall exclusively be submitted to the Administration.

12) Swimming in the sea across La Masseria is at one’s risk and danger. The Administration shall not be held accountable for that under any circumstance.

13) Every guests or person staying at the center shall at all time keep their valuables under control. They are liable for the damages which might occur to persons or objects. Under no circumstance,  the Administration shall be held liable for any damage occurred to guests and people’s items.

14) The center is attended, however the Administration is not accountable in case of thefts. The Administration can be held responsible only for the objects stored in the offices.

15) Everyone must return lost items to the Administration. The Administration will keep them for a year waiting for their owners’ collection.

16) Any complaint or request will be taken into consideration only when signed and submitted in the Administration office.

17) Failure to comply with the existing legislation may result in the immediate expulsion from the camping and perpetrators may be reported to the competent authority for eventual sanctions.

18) It is forbidden: place stones around tents; light up wooden or any other type of fire; plunge nails into trees or commit any action which may damage planets, flowers or equipment; throw paper or other wastes to the ground that shall be dumped into the dedicated bins; shouting or start singing loudly or in group at any time of the day or night.

19) Every group can illuminate its area with a light bulb inferior than 40 Watt.

20) Groups can access the camping between 8am and midday and between  4 and 8 pm; such timetable shall be respected even by departing groups.

21) It is mandatory for all guests to use garbage bags. Garbage bags must be tightly bound and taken to the collection area. They must be collected between 9 am and 5 pm every day. It is also necessary to sort wastes. To this end, we provide dedicated containers for plastics, glass and paper.

22) The camping’s security personnel is in charge of enforce this rulebook.

23) During resting hours, from 2 to 4 pm and from midnight to 7.30 am any loud noise is strictly forbidden.

24) Thw whole accommodation amount is calculated at the arrival time until 10 am of the next day. Non-complete stays, later than 10 am, will equally involve the payment of the whole accommodation fee.

25) Minimum stays of 7 days during the mid-August week (from 12/08 to 15/08), for added guests.

26) Guests or external visits will be forbidden during the mid-August week (from 12/08 to 15/08).

27) The use of the Pool is permitted to Camping’s guests in compliance with the opening and closing timetable and the existing legislation.

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